Plant DX

Go digital. Replace pen and paper forms with Plant DX.

Optimized for operator rounds, regular inspections, log sheets, and checklists
Beyond simple data logging. Take pictures and record videos.
Always-on network connection is not required.

Digital Operator Rounds, Equipment Checklists, Log Sheets and Maintenance Forms

Digitalize operator rounds, equipment checklists and data collection process with Plant DX.

Replace paper forms with digital technology

Avoid duplicate data entry on excel

Increased visibility of regular inspection activities

Plant DX

Quickly access, analyze and visualize data

SAP and Maximo Integration

Beyond simple data logging (Picture & Video)

Digital Platform

Dynamic guidance about safe limits of operation

Identify data anomalies

Empower your field teams and increase motivation

Free to explore

View Corrective Actions and Work Procedures

Field operators can access corrective actions and work procedures from Plant DX without network connection.